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What’s The Cost of Becoming a Private Pilot in the US?

Do you dream of becoming a pilot? Alternatively, are you making plans of joining the aviation school? It takes more than just a dream to achieve success in this profession. However, the beginning of all achievements starts with desire or you can call it a dream. Being a pilot entails more on passion, hard work, and dedication. That said, what does it really take to be a pilot? How much does it cost? What are the requirements? Take a peek at this expert review to find the answers to the above questions.

Note that, there is a big difference between becoming a private pilot and a commercial pilot. Yes! They are both pilots flying airplanes but specializing as a private pilot requires precision, an added knowledge of flying anywhere without a supporting team, emotional and physical stabilities, not mention financial stability. Below is a detailed review of some of these factors.

Physical well-being

Typically, flying a plane requires a sound mind. To make wise decisions and apply the required expertise, you need to be physically fit. As a result, getting a pilot’s license requires you to provide a medical report from a certified doctor. This is process is necessary for ensuring you do not jeopardize your life or someone else’s while flying the aircraft. Further, the required medical report should be a CASA Class 1 or Class 2. As serious as the report sounds, you can also choose to undertake the test prior to joining the aviation school in case you might have doubts about yourself. Note that, a commercial pilot is strictly limited to a Class 1 certificate.

Of course, any dream career requires paying a cost, however harsh it may be. Whether it is investing in years of studies to gain knowledge or spending years to gain experience, your hard work will pay off eventually. For this reason, acquiring the medical report might significantly play a key in ensuring the realization of your dream career. Remember, you are required to provide the report before completing your first solo flight, which means you will have enough time to fully improve your health and pass the medical test before the deadline. Be advised that once you pass and receive the medical certificate you are personally responsible in notifying the issuing authority in case you suffer from an issue that may invalidate your license.

Financial stability

It no secret that joining the aviation industry will require you to have deep pockets, it’s indeed expensive. In fact, it would mean a contribution. Majority of the aviation schools in the US charge an average of around $30,000 to train as a private pilot. Although it might seem like a career that has been consolidated in the domain of the elite, there are several cost-effective ways that can comfortably guarantee a pilot’s license. However, before making a decision to embark on this career put into consideration the additional costs involved in its study. What is the cost of studying a degree compared to a diploma course? What is the approximated out of pocket cost? Will I incur extra costs for accommodation? These are some of the fundamental questions you must ask yourself before making the bold move.

Normally, the majority of the aviation schools will ask for a tuition fee of approximately $6,000 and an application fee of around $150. Although these schools offer accommodation to its students they require you to part with a boarding fee of approximately $5,000. Other additional costs include transportation, books and supplies, TSA fingerprinting, and electronics training materials asking an approximation of $600, $500, $100, and $200 consecutively. Costs of undertaking a career in piloting is a big concern for the majority of potential aviation students but you can always seek better ways to achieve your goals. For instance, you can hack your way by to taking a modular course, which will provide enough time to cover the extra costs.

Emotional well-being

Studying can be a stressful undertaking that might probably take several months or years away from your loved ones. Like any other career, taking a profession in piloting is equally stressful. You will sometimes find yourself in a stressful condition especially during the exam period. For this reason, you are required to be emotionally strong before joining the aviation school. This will help you in taking the full advantage of the resources around you, whether it’s your student support service, your instructor, or your fellow students. Also, bear in mind that in case you find yourself in a stressful condition it is always necessary to remain strong in the realization that the situation is temporary and will ultimately work on your favor.

Studies reveal that by finding ways to reward yourself you not only do away with the negative thoughts but also find your inner strength. Majority of the students in the aviation schools in the US face emotional pressures either from their parents, mentors, family, or friends mainly due to the high expectations placed upon them. To curb this menace, an individual is required to undergo an emotional test before enrolling as a trainee in the aviation industry. Although it might seem like a harsh requirement, flying several meters away from the ground is itself scary and would take a lot of guts to comfortably take off and land without any emotional difficulties.


Indeed, flying an aircraft sounds like a fun career, right? Of course, it is one of the best paying jobs in the world. However, it is also necessary to note that it involves a lot of risks. No matter how easy it might seem, a small miscalculation might lead to a devastating catastrophe. For this reason, before you embark on the career find it in yourself whether you are fully set for the job. Majority of the successful private aircraft pilots in the US success is as a result of their passion, dedication not to mention hard work. If you think are really set for the career, take the bold step in the realization of your dream, give it your best shot, and success will be inevitable.