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Why Should You Become A Private Pilot?

Why Should You Become A Private Pilot?

Have you always been seriously passionate about flying? Becoming a privately licensed pilot might just be what you desire. So, who is a private pilot? It is a trained and certified holder of a private pilot license. A qualified private pilot is allowed to fly small aircraft non-commercially for personal or recreational purposes.

This license does not permit one to charge of either passengers or cargo aircraft with the aim of earning a living. Despite the limitations, being a private pilot can be quite a thrilling experience. Does this sound like a good enough reason to pursue private piloting? There are quite some reasons why one should become a private pilot.

Adventuresome experience

Flying as private pilot is the getaway to all sorts of travel adventures both locally and internationally. As a private pilot, you will have the privilege of touring some of the most exciting destinations at your own convenience. Do you dream of travelling to that great Caribbean island, exclusive resorts or better yet the Himalayans Mountains? As a private pilot, you can make this possible. Some of the most adventurous destinations are not easily accessible. You may find that travelling by road is an extremely gruesome experience which may take days, however being a private pilot can ensure you get to your preferred destinations hassle free.


Flying as a private pilot comes with its share of challenges; Additional training may allow one to fly at night which is an incredible experience. Imagine flying over your favorite city at night and getting a spectacular view of the lighting from above, isn’t that a breathtakingly exciting experience? Being a private pilot can make your business trips convenient and comfortable. Do you often hate driving for hours to check on business in another city? Flying private plane will save you from this hassle. Booking a commercial flight and having to wait for the next available plane sometimes inconveniences the ease of doing business in another town. As a private pilot thing, you have a rare opportunity of planning your business trips more flexible and avoiding the process of booking and waiting for flights.

Stepping stone to a career as a commercial pilot

As someone with a vast an interests to fly planes it likely that you might want to do it commercially. Training as a private pilot may act as stepping stone to a higher ambition. Experience as a private pilot ensures you test the waters of flying and if you are comfortable enough you can take it a notch higher. A private pilot training will arm you with the knowledge that is applicable in commercial flights. Acquisition of this knowledge and some flying hours on your belt prepares you more for the long haul as a commercial pilot. You may also find that while taking commercial pilot training things that would make a long time to grasp are understood quickly. Imagine taking instructions and directions from the control tower for the first time, wouldn’t that be less complicated if you have done it a couple of times before? The dynamics of flying as a private pilot experiences are quite advantageous for progressing into a commercial pilot role.

Enhances other life skills

Being a pilot at any level does more than just giving the ability to control an aircraft. As a private pilot, your cognitive ability is sharpened, this improves other aspects of life. Sound decision making will be enhanced by this training, handling high-pressure situations with calmness and ease is an additional advantage. A pilot has to be good at multitasking a skill that once acquired can be applied in other activities that are not related to flying. Having trained as a private pilot will undoubtedly make you more effective and efficient in your daily activities.


Whether you like visiting your parents who live in another state or friends, it’s much faster flying privately. You do have people of interest in your life and a busy schedule coupled with distance constrictions does not make it easier. Making that long journey in a few minutes at your convenience could be of great value. As a private pilot you will get access to the required aircraft will give you the privilege to keep in touch with your loved ones despite the distance.

Enriches your resume

Training as a private pilot improves your resume. Flying a plane is a delicate process which requires attentiveness to detail, multitasking, precision, sound decision making, excellent planning skills and alertness. All are highly desirable skills in other career fields that are sought after for different reasons. Controlling an aircraft by yourself, relying only on the control tower is an enormous responsibility. Demonstrating this kind of responsibility on such a high pedestal is undeniably good for any prospective employers.


Private piloting comes with fame as well as respect. When introducing yourself to anyone in your social circle or business transactions it helps to know that you are a licensed, pilot. We do not meet a lot of people in our everyday lives that can take charge of a plane; it’s undoubtedly another level. Sharing the experiences of your expeditions as a private pilot to other places and countries will make you attractive to listen to. As a licensed pilot you can quickly join flying clubs and get to interact with people in the flight industry and do some activities together.

Ever heard of aerobatics? It is performing stunts on air with an aircraft. You have probably seen this somewhere, and it’s quite thrilling. One needs to be a qualified pilot to train and practice this, as a licensed private pilot you can quickly take up this kind of training. Restoring and small vintage aircraft is also a possibility. To be permitted to engage in some of this activities or flying at night one might require additional training, despite that if an opportunity to train as a private pilot comes your way it would be prudent for anyone with the interest of flying.